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Care For Your Piece

We're so pleased you've purchased a Novela piece and have become part of the Novela Collection story in sustainable fashion. We hope you'll enjoy your piece as much as we are. To extend the life of your new piece, and maybe even pass it on in years to come, these instructions will help you to keep it looking fabulous and last longer.

General Care Leather; for the longest lasting lustre and reduction of any damage, all leathers are best treated with a quality leather protection product. There are many sustainable quality options available on line. If you are going to use a protection spray or cream, put onto a clean dry white cotton cloth first and then apply to your leather. Eventually after extended use remove marks and dirt before applying leather protection. You can always apply a leather conditioner after cleaning and before applying protection. Try the leather conditioner first in a secret spot to ensure it doesn't affect the colour integrity.  To prevent leather from drying out, cracking or fading, avoid leaving your piece in direct sunlight or heat  for long periods of time (e.g. room heater or open fire). Finally, avoid your piece coming in contact with all solutions, especially non-water soluble liquids, abrasive materials and surfaces.  

General Care Cork fabric; we recommend 100% compostable and biodegradable, alcohol, chlorine, perfume and paraben free wet wipes, there are many options available on-line. Depending on use, we've found that after about 3-6 months the cork fabric may need a freshen up and clean. Firmly wipe the cork avoiding excessive rubbing and allow to dry. To prevent cork from drying out, cracking or fading, avoid leaving your piece in direct sunlight or heat for long periods of time (e.g. room heater or open fire).

For Spots and Stains; remove excess liquid with a white 100% dry cotton cloth and wash over the whole area with lukewarm water. Allow your bag to dry naturally. Don't use a heater or hair dryer as it can dry the cork fabric out. When  removing spots or stains be gentle with you bag and try not to rub too much.

To Remove Butter, Oil, Grease; carefully wipe the excess off with a white 100% dry cotton cloth then leave it alone. The spot should dissipate into the fabric over a short period of time. Remember - never use water to wash water insoluble substances off.

To Remove Chewing Gum; place ice cubes in a water proof bag or wrap (we use bees wax wrap cloths) and apply to the gum without getting the cork wet. Wait several minutes, remove ice pack and then remove chewing gum - magic!

General Care Inside Your Piece; again we recommend wipes for a general clean. Should you spill something then blot it up with a kitchen cloth and repeat until most of it's absorbed. Wipe with wet wipe to clean and repeat until as much as possible has been removed. Leave your piece open, empty and airing until dry.

Always....Store your piece in the dust bag provided when you purchased your Novela piece and for longer term storage, travel and moving put tissue paper or similar into the bag space to prevent crushing and creasing.